Artashat Representative office

About Branch
"Artashat" representative office of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC was founded in 2022.
The representative office currently operates in the city of Artashat and serves the cities of Artashat, Ararat, Vedi with their adjacent communities, as well as Vayots Dzor and Syunik marzes.
The representative office provides agricultural, consumer, business, and leasing loans. The representative office serves 470 customers.
During its activity, the Artashat team recorded successes, which are:
1. In 2020, the fastest growing portfolio of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC (certificate of honor);
2. In 2021, the credit department of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC with the highest quality portfolio (certificate).
250Communities served by the branch
Kapuyt village
Karmrashen village
Herher village
Horadis village
Martiros village
Nor Aznaberd village
Saravan village
Sers village
Ugedzor village
Por village
Kapan city
Agarak village
Aghvan village
Achanan village
Antarashat village
Arajadzor village
Artsvanik village
Bargushat village
Geghanush village
Gomaran village
Davit Bek village
Ditzmayr village
Yegheg village
Yeghvard village
Erkenants village
Khdrants village
Khordzor village
Tsav village
Kakhnut village
Dzorastan village
Chakaten village
Nerqin Khotanan village
Nerqin Hand village
Norashen village
Shikahogh village
Shishkert village
Shrevenants village
Chapni village
Sznak village
Syunik village
Srashen village
Sevakar village
Vaneq village
Vardavank village
Verin Khotanan village
Tanzaver village
Taurus village
Uzhanis village
Okhtar village
Goris city
Akner village
Agbulagh village
Bardzravan village
Khndzoresk village
Hartashen village
Dzorak village
Nerqin Khndzoresk village
Shurnukh village
Vorotan village
Vanand village
Verishen village
Karahunj village
City of Meghri
Agarak town
Alvank village
Aygedzor village
Gudemnis village
Takhkut village
Lehvaz village
Lichk village
Karchevan village
Kuris village
Nrnadzor village
Shvanidzor village
Vahravar village
Vardanidzor village
Tashtun village
City of Sisian
Akhlatyan village
Aghitu village
Angeghakot village
Ashotavan village
Arevis village
Balaq village
Bnunis village
Brnakot village
Getatagh village
Gorayk village
Dastakert city
Darbas village
Tanahat village
Tasik village
Ishkhanasar village
Ltsen village
Lor village
Tsghuk village
Hatsavan village
Mutsk village
Nzhdeh village
Noravan village
Shaghat village
Shamb village
Shaki village
Shenatagh village
Vorotnavan village
Salvard village
Sarnakunk village
Spandaryan village
Vaghatin village
Tolors village
Torunik village
Tsghuni village
Uyts village
Qajaran city
Andokavan village
Ajabaj village
Babikavan village
Geghavank village
Geghi village
Getishen village
Katnarat village
Kavchut village
Kard village
Kitsk village
Dzagikavan village
Nerqin Giratagh village
Nor Astghaberd
Vocheti village
Verin Geghavank village
Verin Giratagh village
Pukhrut village
Kajarants village
Karut village
Shinuhair village
Tatev village
Halidzor village
Harzhis village
Svarants village
Khot village
Tandzatap village
Kashuni village
Tegh village
Aravus village
Khnatsakh village
Khoznavar village
Kornidzor village
Vaghatur village
Karashen village
  • Branches Artak Grigoryan Head of "Artashat" Representative Office
  • Branches Samvel Abrahamyan Chief Loan Officer
  • Branches Arman Petrosyan Senior Loan Specialist
  • Branches Arevik Hakobyan Back-Office specialist