Privacy policy

CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC uses this Website for the purpose of providing information about its activities and services it offers to the public. The copyright of the Website as a whole, as well as the text on the website, belongs exclusively to CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC. We inform you that the information found on the website, the photos, including the photos of employees, is not allowed to be copied or used for other purposes, such as posting on other websites or manipulating, without the written permission of CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC.

CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC guarantees the privacy of your person. This statement applies both to the information provided by visitors to the Website and to how CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC handles that information.

The official website of CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC was created so that it is possible to avoid the leakage of the personal data of customers. And the personal data that you voluntarily transfer to the company for the process are available to a limited number of persons (employees of the company) who have special access rights to the specified systems and are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the specified information. Therefore, we guarantee that the information and personal data that you will transfer online in order to use the company's services or apply for a job vacancy will only be used with your consent, observing the privacy policy.

Possible personal data that will be requested from you may be as follows:

• name, surname, passport data, e-mail postal address, phone number, place of residence