Abovyan Branch Office

About Branch
"Abovyan" branch of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC was founded in 2016.
The Branch currently operates in the city of Abovyan and serves the regions of Kotayk, Gegharkunik and Tavush.
The Branch provides agricultural, consumer, business loans and leasing, but is more specialized in the field of agricultural loans. The branch serves 500 customers.
Our clients have had many outstanding successes; thanks to the improvement of technical means in the agricultural and agro-food sectors, the level of agricultural intensification has increased, and progressive, modern technologies have been introduced in the livestock sector.
As a result of the follow-up work, the financial literacy of the served clients has increased, and their incomes have increased due to the introduction of advanced technologies.
The Branch is managed by Davit Beklaryan; the staff consists of 4 people.
During its activity, the Branch registered a number of successes: it increased the loan portfolio and improved its quality. The number of clients and customer service geography was increased.
150Communities served by the branch

Gavar city
Berdkunk village
Gandzak village
Gegharkunik village
Lanjaghbyur village
Ljap village
Tsaghkashen village
Tsovazard village
Karmirgyugh village
Hayravank village
Noratus village
Sarukhan village
Martuni city
Astghadzor village
Artsvanist village
Geghahovit village
Eranos village
Zolakar village
Lernakert village
Lichk village
Tsakqar village
Tsovasar village
Tsovinar village
Dzoragyugh village
Madina village
Nerqin Getashen
Nskkhark village
Vaghashen village
Vardadzor village
Vardenik village
Verin  Getashen village
City of Sevan
Gagarin village
Geghamavan village
Ddmashen village
Zovaber village
Lchashen village
Tsaghkunk village
Tsovagyuh village
Norashen village
Chkalovka village
Semyonovka village
Varser village
Vardenis city
Azat village
Akhpradzor village
Akunk village
Ayrk village
Avazan village
Areguni village
Arpunk village
Geghamabak village
Geghamasar village
Geghakar village
Daranak village
Zariver village
Lchavan village
Lusakunk village
Khachaghbyur village
Tsovak village
Kakhakn village
Karzhaghbyur village
Kut village
Kutakan village
Makenis village
Mets Masrik village
Inner Shorzha village
Norabak village
Norakert village
Shatjrek village
Shatvan village
Jaghatsadzor village
Sotk village
Vanevan village
Upper Shorzha village
Torfavan village
Tretuk village
Pambak village
Poqr Masrik village".
Hrazdan city
Lernanist village
Jrarat village
Solak village
Qaghsi village
Abovyan city
Arinj village
Aramus village
Balahovit village
Geghashen village
Getargel village
Katnaghbyur village
Kamaris village
Mayakovsky village
Ptghni village
Upper Ptghni village
Yeghvard city
Aragyugh village
Bujakan village
Zovuni village
Zoravan village
Proshyan village
Saralanj village
Kasakh village
Tsaghkadzor city
Aghavnadzor village
Artavaz village
Gorgoch village
Hankavan village
Marmarik village
Meghradzor village
Pyunik village
Nor Hajn City
Argel village
Getamej village
Tegenik village
Mrgashen village
Nor Artamet village
Nor Geghi village
Kanakeravan village
Karashamb village
Garni village
Geghadir village
Geghard village
Goght village
Hatsavan village
Voghjaberd village
Noyemberyan city
Ayrum city
Archis village
Bagratashen village
Baghanis village
Barekamavan village
Berdavan village
Debedavan village
Deghdzavan village
Dovegh village
Zorakan village
Lchkadzor village
Koti village
Koghb village
Haghtanak village
Voskepar village
Voskevan village
Ptghavan village
Jujevan village

  • Branches Davit Beklaryan Branch Manager
  • Branches Astghik Hayrapetyan Back-Office specialist
  • Branches Rafik Martirosyan Senior Loan Officer