Azatan Representative office

About Branch
"Azatan" representative office of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC was founded in 2013.
The representative office currently operates in the Azatan community of Shirak region and serves the neighboring villages and towns of the region. The representative office provides agricultural, consumer, business and leasing loans, but is more specialized in the field of field-crop cultivation and livestock financing loans. The representative office serves 91 clients.
The representative office is managed by Yeghishe Nikolyan. The staff consists of 2 people.
During its activity, the branch has had a number of successes in crediting and developing agricultural holdings.
110Communities served by the branch
Artik city
Anushavan village
Arevshat village
Geghanist village
Getap village
Lernakert village
Lusakert village
Haykasar village
Hayrenyac village
Harich village
Horom village
Hovtashen village
Metc Mantash village
Meghrashen village
Nahapetavan village
Nor Kyanq village
Pemzashen village
Saralanj village
Saratak village
Spandaryan village
Vardakar village
Tufashen village
Panik village
Small Mantash village
Akhuryan village
Azatan village
Akhurik village
Village of Akhuryan station
Aigabatz village
Arapi village
Arevik village
Bayandur village
Basen village
Benjamin village
Getq village
Erazgavors village
Lernut village
Kamo village
Kaps village
Karnut village
Karmrakar village
Krashen village
Haykavan village
Hatsik village
Hovit village
Hovuni village
Gharibjanyan village
Mayisyan village
Marmashen village
Mets Sariar village
Shirak village
Voskehask village
Jajur village
Jajuravan village
Jrarat village
Vahramaberd village
Poqrashen village
Katy village
Amasia village
Alvar village
Aghvorik village
Aravet village
Ardenis village
Aregnadem village
Bandivan village
Berdashen village
Byurakn village
Garnarich village
Gtashen village
Darik village
Yeghnajur village
Yerizak village
Zarishat village
Zorakert village
Lorasar village
Tsaghkut village
Kamkhut village
Hoghmik village
Hovtun village
Meghrashat village
Shaghik village
Voghji village
Paghakn village
Jradzor village
Ashotsk village
Arpeni village
Bashgyugh village
Bavra village
Goghovit village
Zuygaghbyur village
Tavshut village
Torosgyugh village
Lernagiugh village
Karmravan village
Kakavasar village
Krasar village
Hartashen village
Dzorashen village
Ghazanchi village
Mets Sepasar village
Musayelyan village
Salut village
Saragyugh village
Sarapat village
Sizavet village
Vardaghbyur village
Zoghamarg village
Poqr Sariar village
Poqrl Sepasar village".
  • Branches Eghishe Nikolyan Head of "Azatan" Representative Office