Ashtarak Branch Office

About Branch
"Ashtarak" branch of "CARD AgroCredit" UCO CJSC was founded in 2015.
The Branch currently operates in Ashtarak town and serves the communities of the Aragatsotn and Lori regions.
The Branch provides agricultural, consumer, business loans and leasing, but is more specialized in the field of agricultural loans. The branch serves 400 customers.
Our clients have many outstanding successes, to which we also had a small contribution. Due to the timely use of lending and leasing instruments, they were able to develop and modernize their economy and solve current financial problems.
The Branch is managed by Armen Khachatryan. The staff consists of 4 people.
During its activity, the Branch registered a number of successes in crediting and developing of agricultural holdings. A number of cooperation agreements were signed with various agricultural machinery importing organizations, thanks to which the leasing portfolio increased.
258Communities served by the branch

Ashtarak city

Agarak village

Aghdsk village

Antarut village

Avan village

Aragatsotn village

Aruch village

Artashavan village

Bazmaghbyur village

Byurakan village

Dprevanq village

Lernarot village

Lusaghbyur village

Khnusik village

Karbi village

Karin village

Kosh village

Ghazaravan village

Mughni village

Nigatun village

Nor Amanos village

Nor Edesia village

Nor Yerznka village

Voskehat village

Voskevaz village

Saghmosavan village

Sasunik village

Verin Sasunik village

Tegher village

Ushi village

Ujan village

Parpi village

Ohanavan village

Oshakan village

Orgov village

Aparan city

Aragats village

Arai village

Apnagyugh village

Yeghipatrush village

Ernjatap village

Ttujur village

Lusagiugh village

Tsaghkashen village

Kayq village

Hartavan village

Dzoraglukh village

Melikgyugh village

Nigawan village

Shenavan village

Shoghakn village

Chknagh village

Jrambar village

Saralanj village

Vardenis village

Vardenut village

Kuchak village

Talin city

Agarakavan village

Akunk village

Ashnak village

Garnahovit village

Dashtadem village

Davtashen village

Dian village

Eghnik village

Zarinja village

Zovasar village

Tatul village

Irind village

Tsaghkasar village

Katnaghbyur village

Karmrashen village

Kakavadzor village

Hatsashen village

Dzoragyugh village

Mastara village

Nerqin Bazmaberd village

Nerqin Sasnashen village

Nor Artik village

Shgharshik village

Vosketas village

Partizak village

Suser village

Verin Bazmaberd village

Verin Sasnashen village

Tsamakasar village

Metsadzor village

Otevan village

Arevut village

Ddmasar village

Tlik village

Kanch village

Hako village

Sorik village

Artik city

Anushavan village

Arevshat village

Geghanist village

Getap village

Lernakert village

Lusakert village

Haykasar village

Hayrenyac village

Harich village

Horom village

Hovtashen village

Metc Mantash village

Meghrashen village

Nahapetavan village

Nor Kyanq village

Pemzashen village

Saralanj village

Saratak village

Spandaryan village

Vardakar village

Tufashen village

Panik village

Small Mantash village

Akhuryan village

Azatan village

Akhurik village

Village of Akhuryan station

Aigabatz village

Arapi village

Arevik village

Bayandur village

Basen village

Benjamin village

Getq village

Erazgavors village

Lernut village

Kamo village

Kaps village

Karnut village

Karmrakar village

Krashen village

Haykavan village

Hatsik village


Hovit village

Hovuni village

Gharibjanyan village

Mayisyan village

Marmashen village

Mets Sariar village

Shirak village

Voskehask village

Jajur village

Jajuravan village

Jrarat village

Vahramaberd village

Poqrashen village

Katy village

Amasia village

Alvar village

Aghvorik village

Aravet village

Ardenis village

Aregnadem village

Bandivan village

Berdashen village

Byurak village

Garnarich village

Gtashen village

Darik village

Yeghnajur village

Yerizak village

Zarishat village

Zorakert village

Lorasar village

Tsaghkut village

Kamkhut village

Hoghmik village

Hovtun village

Meghrashat village

Shaghik village

Voghji village

Paghak village

Jradzor village

Ashotsk village

Arpen village

Bashgyugh village

Bavra village

Goghovit village

Zuygaghbyur village

Tavshut village

Torosgyugh village

Lernagiugh village

Karmravan village

Kakavasar village

Krasar village

Hartashen village

Dzorashen village

Ghazanchi village

Mets Sepasar village

Musayelyan village

Salut village

Saragyugh village

Sarapat village

Sizavet village

Vardaghbyur village

Zoghamarg village

Poqr Sariar village

Poqrl Sepasar village".

Vanadzor city

Gugark village

Darpas village

Shahumyan village

Tumanyan city

Atan village

Ahnidzor village

Dsegh village

Lorut village

Marts village

Shamut village

Chkalov village

Karinj village

Kobair village

Spitak city

Arjhovit village

Arveshogh village

Geghasar village

Gogaran village

Lernhanek village

Lernavan village

Lusaghbyur village

Khnkoyan village

Tsaghkaber village

Katnajur village

Hartagiugh village

Mets Parni village

Nor Khachakap village

Shenavan village

Shirakamut village

Jrashen village

Saralanj village

Sarahart village

Saramej village

Karadzor village

Pambak village

Aznvadzor village

Antaramut village

Arjut village

Bazum village

Gushar village

Debed village

Yeghegnut village

Jamatun village

Lernapat village

Lernajur village

Tsaghkots village

Margahovit village

Dzoraget village

Dzoragigh village

Vahagnadzor village

Vahagni village

Karaberd village


  • Branches Armen Khachatryan Branch Manager
  • Branches Anita Movsisyan Back-Office specialist
  • Branches Arman Badalyan Chief Loan Officer
  • Branches Davit Babayan Senior Loan Specialist